Energy Game Changers

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Families, you can enjoy Energy Game Changers together! 

We hope that this program encourages entire families to work together to save energy and protect our planet. Read below for tips on how to team up and conserve energy in your own community.

Families with children at enrolled schools can also find program games and activities below. 

Energy Game Changers Family Activities

Interactive Activities

If your child’s school has already enrolled in Energy Game Changers, this is where you can find interactive games and other activities to enjoy together from the comfort of your own home.


Energy Game Changer logo

Energy-Saving Tips

Here are easy and convenient tips for how to save energy in your home, updated throughout the school year.

How is Your Family Changing the Planet?

All over the world, families are taking small steps to make a big difference. Tell us how you’re saving energy at home and share your great ideas with other energy game changers. 

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