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If you’ve already signed up to become an Energy Game Changer, thank you for participating!

This page offers links to resources that are available to educators at participating schools. The resources below will help educate and inspire your students to become energy advocates in your community. If you or your school haven’t yet enrolled in the program, you may do so here.
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Energy Game Changers Resources

The live in-school theatrical programs are supplemented by print and digital resources to extend the learning long after the show is over. Enrolled teachers, please click here to access your interactive games, classroom lessons, educational activities and other standards-aligned materials.


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Energy Game Changers Blog

This is where educators who have signed up to become an Energy Game Changer can access additional games, classroom lessons, readings and other activities to enjoy with their students. The resources on the blog cover the same educational content as the live in-school show, extending students’ learning throughout the entire school year. To access the blog, make sure you sign up to become a game changer!

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Looking for more info about the live in-school theatrical shows that are featured in the program?

Look no further:

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Project ENERGY is a 25-minute show designed for grades K-5. It features two professional actors who play a variety of characters. Students learn about energy efficiency with the help of Sure Luck Ohms and Junior Undersecretary Detective-in-Training Wattson, the best mystery-solving duo Eco Town has ever known. With the help of characters like Rusty Torx, Sunny Beam and the Right Brothers, Detective Wattson (and your students) learn all about energy conservation and why saving our planet is so important. 

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Energy Game Changers is a 40-minute show designed for grades 6-8. The performance features two actors who lead the audience through a series of interactive sketches, making them laugh while they learn about energy use, conservation and how protect our planet. 


Have you and your students already enjoyed the Energy Game Changers program? If so, please submit an evaluation! Our programs are offered free to schools – all we ask for in return is your feedback and comments so we can ensure our shows are as effective, entertaining and up-to-date as possible. Please fill out a brief ten-minute evaluation here.

How Is Your School Changing the Planet?

Throughout the country, schools like yours are dedicating themselves to saving energy. Tell us how you’re saving energy at your school and share your great ideas with other energy game changers. 

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