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What is Energy Game Changers?

Energy Game Changers is an educational program for grades K-8. It’s designed to inspire students, educators and families to learn about energy conservation and create positive change in their own communities. As part of the program, each enrolled school receives:

To keep our planet healthy for future generations, it’s time for us all to change the energy game. Take advantage of this program’s educational and conservation benefits to start changing the game today!

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Win Rewards

As if saving energy weren’t enough of a reward, Energy Game Changers offers additional cash prizes. Every month of the school year (September-May), three K-8 teachers will be selected for our monthly raffle and receive $100 each. Schools that submit the highest number of kit requests will also win cash prizes. The winning school in fall 2023 will receive $2,023, while the top three schools in spring 2024 will receive rewards ranging from $1,000 to $2,500. Real energy conservation impacts along with cash rewards – it’s a win-win! Sign up for Energy Game Changers, then submit your Energy Kit request at

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, thanks to program sponsorship from Duke Energy.

The goal of Energy Game Changers is to engage all students and staff at participating schools to practice energy-saving habits. By requesting the Energy Kit, you’re doing your part to save energy and helping your school win cash rewards.

Power plants can be costly investments, so Duke Energy wants to help customers use less energy to delay construction of new power plants. Saving energy can also help reduce the need for them to use more power plants during peak times, which is good for the environment.

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