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Solar Collectors: K-2 Renewable Resources Activity

As climate change continues to impact the globe, nations are taking the pledge to commit to green energy and strive for net zero carbon emissions by the middle of this century. It can be a daunting task, but taking leaps in energy conservation is doable when we all work together.

One of the most effective ways to commit to green energy is to use renewable resources as much as possible. By opting for solar power, hydropower, wind power or other renewables instead of harmful fossil fuels like coal, energy generators (and consumers) can adopt positive habits to make conservation a reality.

In this hands-on classroom activity all about renewable resources, K-2 students will use solar collectors to absorb radiant energy and convert it into heat. Using mostly common supplies found in most classrooms, students will understand how solar energy can be harnessed and used – a lesson with numerous real-world applications.

This hands-on lesson includes critical thinking questions to follow up on the students’ experience and connect it with the live in-school show, creating memorable, long-term impacts. It also inspires students to commit to clean, renewable energy outside of the classroom, helping the program’s conservation impacts extend beyond your school and even your community!

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