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What Are Resources? K-2 Reading

Looking to brush up on your reading skills? Then check out this lesson for grades K-2, aligned with state and national education standards! One of the great things about Energy Game Changers is that it doesn’t only teach about STEM and energy; it also provides learning resources in reading, math, social studies and other subjects.

This reading, especially tailored for K-2 students, is all about resources – renewables, non-renewables, how they’re used to create energy, and more. Whether read solo or aloud as a class, students will not only understand the basics of resources – they’ll also learn some new vocab words and strengthen their overall reading comprehension, helping them both inside and outside of school.

By relating to the live in-school show that students saw earlier this semester, this reading forms a creative connection in students’ minds, making it more memorable and impactful – even for students who don’t display a strong interest in reading. It can be accessed in classrooms or at home, so read up today and explore the wonderful world of resources!

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