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Build an Electromagnet

Our main goal at Energy Game Changers this semester is to provide fun and educational resources that both students and educators will love. The activity on this page offers a stimulating, hands-on lesson for 6th-8th grade students to experience together in the classroom. It’s a great way to challenge students through hands-on learning while aiding teachers with easy-to-use, standards-aligned resources.

In this activity, students will build a simple electromagnet to help them understand how electricity can be generated. Using only a D-battery and a few other common supplies, students will learn what an electromagnet is and explore how electricity surrounds them in their everyday lives. The lesson is especially beneficial for any ­tinkerers and aspiring engineers!

Last but not least, the lesson comes with critical thinking questions to connect students’ experiences with the educational content from the live in-school show. It’s a perfect add-on to lessons about science, technology, engineering and electricity.

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