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K-2 Energy Conservation Video: Nikki Neutron in The Energized Guyz

Enjoy this short video (5:35) in which Nikki Neutron – member of the Energized Guyz, an energy-saving team of superheroes – sets out to stop wasteful Supervillain of the Month Vivica Voltage. With the help of fellow Energized Guyz Agent Y and Tony Llama, Nikki learns all about what energy and electricity are and how energy is wasted and conserved.

Like the live in-school show that students experience as part of Energy Game Changers, this video presents standards-aligned educational content through the thrill of the creative arts. By using humor, storytelling and creativity to deliver important information on STEM and energy, videos like this appeal to all learning types and ensure greater student retention and engagement. Most importantly, they make learning fun!

Watch this video in class or at home for a fun intro to the program’s educational content! And stay tuned for more learning resources throughout the semester, which will extend the learning long after the show is over.

Remember to request your free Energy Kit!

When you request a free Energy Kit through the My Energy Kit program, your family can create real conservation impacts in your own community. When enough families become energy game changers, we can all take steps to protect and preserve our planet.

Requesting an Energy Kit also helps your school win grand prizes of up to $2,500!

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